Dinoms by Coliving Club

How It Works

The ecosystem of Digital Nomads

How It Work

Current Distribution:

200,000,000 DNM

Total Distributed:

waiting for the ICO launch

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Digital Nomads








Fully Automated




Bluetooth Lockers


Productive Environment


Community Leaders




Photo studio


Dinom Vending Machines


Office tools



Our Goal

The goal of the Coliving Club Network is to:


Build a global community


Power it through blockchain


Create the ecosystem





Digital Nomads


Locations Operated



The Membership Systems

Instead of signing lease agreements Coliving Club members use membership passes to access any hub in the network.

Glodal Access:


Productive Spaces


Rest Areas


Local Communities




Business Support


No-contract Flexibility


24/7 instant bookings with chat-bot


Service verified by community


Low transaction fees


Access the global network


Join the community

For Partners

Invest in the Cryptocurrency that

Drive More traffic

Pay Less Fees

Automate Your Business

Focus on Verified Customers

For Investors

Invest in the Cryptocurrency that


Powers the Ecosystem


Powers the Network of Businesses


Powers the New Generation

About Dinoms

About Dinoms

Globally accepted

Dinom is a universal form of money for travelers interchangeable for goods and services at any Coliving Club Network.

About Dinoms

Secure bookings

Bookings in the Dinom system are protected by the smart-contract and the quality guarantee of the Network.

About Dinoms

Low fees

Dinom payment system only charges 2% fees from the user and the location owner as opposed to 15-20%, normally charged by services like Airbnb.

About Dinoms


By helping to grow the Digital Nomad Community users will receive cash-back and referral bonuses in DNM tokens. Value of the tokens growth with the size of the Network.

Earn Tokens

You can help us by spreading the word on


Social Sharing


Forum Activities


Chat Activities





ICO Details

What is Dinom Token:

Dinom (DNM) is an Ethereum based token. It complies and extends with ERC-20 standard token API.

DNM tokens are the currency of the Dinom blockchain. One uses DNM tokens (Dinoms) to pay for memberships and services within the Coliving Club Network (CCN).

Payout Structure:

DNM Tokens can be purchased with BTC, ETH or USD (wire transfer) here coliving.club. Transfers can be made from any BTC, ETH wallet . For transfers of 1,000 USD and over, a wire transfer 6 option is available.

Note: You would have to have an ETH wallet in order to receive DNMs. You can use this video link to set up your new ETH wallet if you don’t have one already.



Total Supply:

3.5 billion​ ​DNM

Total number of batches:

​5 batches

ICO Hard Cap:

200 million DNM

Initial Rate:


ICO Structure

Token Distribution:


Coins​ ​offered​ ​through​ ​the​ ​40​ ​ ​batches


Community,​ ​R&D​ ​&​ ​bounties


Early​ ​investors,​ ​current​ ​&​ ​future​ ​advisors​ ​or​ ​partnerships


Founders,​ ​team​ ​&​ ​future​ ​employee​ ​motivation​ ​packages

Meet the Founders

Kirill Sopot

CEO - Founder - Creative director - Managing partner - Project ideologist

Kirill is a CEO, team leader, motivator and the ideologist of the Coliving Club. His passion towards helping people is the driving force of the entire project.

Gary D Woods

COO - Founder - Strategy design - Managing partner - Real estate developer

Gary has been focused on coliving philosophy and its successful adoption in the US since 2013. In the Coliving Club Gary utilizes his deep knowledge of business processes to establish a proper system of colivings as well as help digital nomads with arising problems.

Sergey Sopot

Business developer — Team coordinator — Co-founder

With 20+ years of experience in judicial practice, entrepreneurship in real estate and Virtual Reality technology, Sergey has a focused interest in hacking out-dated systems. By his own example, he pushes the team to achieve greatest results in the most efficient manner.

Yaroslav Mudryi

Marketplace platform owner — Business developer — Co-founder

Yaroslav is actively arranging business partnerships through his worldwide network. His successful work with startups like Groupon and operating his own booking company for colivings HacknSleep is the expertise needed to drive this project into reality.

Maxim Shevchenko

CMO — Co-founder — Team Leader

Maxim is a media and branding expert with a broad range of specialized interests and skills. He is at his best arranging the workflow and helping the team to perform at the highest level.

Meet the Team

Alexandra Ivanskaya

Social media & content manager — SEO Manager

Alexandra has been a location-independent digital services professional since 2014 and an avid supporter of digital nomad movement. With her deep knowledge of marketing through social media platforms she helps build this socially active and inspirational brand.

Lisa Tereshenko

Business analyst — Communications officer

A startup enthusiast since 2013, Lisa is inspired by globalization opportunities available in the blockchain and crypto currency movement. In the Coliving Club she supports the business development process by providing deep competitive analysis and deploying public communications strategies.

Dariya Ponomarenko

Business analyst — writer

Dariya is an international business researcher and analyst, whose mission is to relay to the team how foreign cultures will engage in Coliving principles. This guidance will aid in strategic decisions related to signature location hub site selection and development.

Daria Chuiko

Journalist — Writer — SMM manager

Daria is an ideas generator at heart, a broadly experienced researcher and copywriter. She reinforces this team by exploring and writing about the culture of Coliving, Freelancing & Digital innovation that is reshaping the global business environments.

Alexandr Bondar

Platform and app developer

Alexandr is very talanted in development and maintenance of heavily systems. With almost 10 years of experience in programming he can create great projects.

Kostia Viatkin

QA Lead

Kostia is high professional QA Lead. Kostia is true leader with excellent soft skills and impressive technical background.


What’s the simple idea of this project?

Coliving Club platform is an online marketplace for the coliving/coworking memberships. It allows digital nomads to book faster, cheaper and more secure experiences in coliving/coworking hubs in ETH, BTC or fiat currency. They have to use the Dinom wallet and its payment processing and booking system.

What are the advantages of Coliving Club platform compared to other similar platforms?

The main advantage of the Coliving Club platform is that it is completely automated and integrated with latest tech in our locations. The chatbot driven booking system helps to maintain high conversion level while allowing sensitive interaction with customer support during and after the customer’s stay at the location. Chatbot also helps to the coliving owners to manage the locations with access to the financials, reports, cleaning schedules, inventory etc.

How can I participate in the Dinom token distribution?

To participate in the Dinom token distribution, you will need an Ethereum compatible wallet or an application where you and only you hold the private keys. Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring cryptographic tokens. To participate in the ICO, you will have to send BTC, ETH or wire transfer to the provided address through your chosen Ethereum Wallet (e.g MyEthereum Wallet) and the DNM will be credited to your wallet automatically.