Why we started?

Coliving Club has started in April, 2015 in order to solve the problems of all the young professionals and entrepreneurs coming to the Silicon Valley. When we first came to the town we couldn't find a nice affordable place for us to stay and build our new networks. So we decided to help others to do so painlessly. And thus the Coliving Club was born!

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The Team

Sergey Sopot

[email protected]

Sergii Sopot is a successful lawyer and entrepreneur with more than 22 years of legal practice in the Ukraine. He is the owner of two law firms. In 2003, Sergii Sopot received an award for his significant contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Kostiantyn Rozumnyi
-Creative Director-

[email protected]

Kostiantyn Rozumnyi is an exceptionally talented Ukrainian architect with more than 20 years of experience. He has designed some of the most interesting and outstanding projects in the cities of Odessa, Kiev and other cities within Ukraine as well as internationally. Kostiantyn has won numerous professional national and international competitions.