Coliving Club is

brewing friendly communities of productive individuals since 2015


Who we are

Kirill Sopot

CEO - Founder - Creative director - Managing partner - Project ideologist

Kirill is a CEO, team leader, motivator and the ideologist of the Coliving Club. His passion towards helping people is the driving force of the entire project.

Gary D Woods

COO - Founder - Strategy design - Managing partner - Real estate developer

Gary has been focused on coliving philosophy and its successful adoption in the US since 2013. In the Coliving Club Gary utilizes his deep knowledge of business processes to establish a proper system of colivings as well as help digital nomads with arising problems.

Maxim Shevchenko

CMO — Team Leader

Maxim is a media and branding expert with a broad range of specialized interests and skills. He is at his best arranging the workflow and helping the team to perform at the highest level.

Daria Chuiko

Journalist — Writer

Daria is an ideas generator at heart, a broadly experienced researcher and copywriter. She reinforces this team by exploring and writing about the culture of Coliving, Freelancing & Digital innovation that is reshaping the global business environments.

Dariya Ponomarenko

Business analyst — Writer

Dariya is an international business researcher and analyst, whose mission is to relay to the team how foreign cultures will engage in Coliving principles. This guidance will aid in strategic decisions related to signature location hub site selection and development.

Since 2014 Coliving Club Network has been launching hubs in Silicon Valley, California. We’re exploring the opportunities of the emerging co-living market, building communities and helping the creative and ambitious.

While traveling the world, team members Kirill, Max and Gary have collected diverse cultural experience that formed the foundation of the Coliving Club brand. Uniting the cultures from 3 continents the first co-livings were born, starting with the Startup Launchpad, Palo Alto, 2013, moving forward in collaboration with various partners in San Francisco.

The vision — to unite and empower the digital community of roaming hustlers.

Having the experience of building over 7 communities the Phase One is now over and after a year of analysis and repositioning Coliving Club is rolling out the Phase Two — Signature locations with the new spin on the coliving culture.

Planting our feet firmly into the background of digital nomadism & community building, Coliving Club aims to establish a self-sufficient eco-system. We aim to provide business education, startup funding and business credit access, platform to unite our colivings with partners and… put the egg of blockchain on top of it. Yeah, you heard it right. So here is the plan as we see it:

Q1, 2018: Launch of the first Signature location: Venice Project
Q3, 2018: Launch of the Business support and educational programs
Q4, 2018: Launch of the Coliving Club Platform
→ 2019: Launch of the Coliving Club Blockchain
→ 2020: Launch 5 Signature locations in the key financial centers

Got questions?

Feel free to contact us regarding anything 😅👍!